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New in version 5.x

  Export the captured webpage with directory structures
In the previous builds, The "File->Export response content to dir..."" action will export all captured files to a flat directory, while the current build will export the whole page with directory structures.

  Add-on for Mozilla Firefox
HTTP Analyzer now offers an add-on for Mozilla Firefox (Firefox 2.0 is not supported). HTTP Analyzer now supports Firefox 3.0 on Windows as well as IE 6, 7 and 8.

  Automation Support in Mozilla Firefox
The automation library has been update to allow the control of Http Analyzer within Mozilla Firefox. The IHTTPAnalyzerFirefox object is used to control the HTTPAnalyzer Firefox Add-on.

New in version 4.x

  DOMReadyTime and PageLoadTime (Add-on Edition Only)
The "DOMReadyTime" is the loaded time of webpage DOM tree, the "PageLoadTime" is fully-loaded time of the webpage. The DOMReady is fired when the DOM content has loaded and you can access all HTML Elements without having to wait for all those images or binary objects to load as well (PageLoadTime). Please note that "PageLoadTime" is not calculated by the child requests timing. HTTP Analyzer gets DOMReadyTime and PageLoadTime by listening the corresponding webpage events. The data is more accurate and reliable.
DOMReadyTime, PageloadTime

  Native support for Flash Remoting
HTTP Analyzer is especially useful for Adobe Flash developers as you can view the request and response of LoadVariables, LoadMovie and XML loads. It also can deserialize and display all Flash Remoting or AMF (AMF0 and AMF3) traffic in a easy-to-use AMF object tree.
AMF Object Tree

  Decode ASP.NET ViewState
HTTP Analyzer can read and decode the hidden viewstate on an ASP.NET Page. It displays the hidden ViewState in a tree view, raw text, or in XML format. .
ASP.NET ViewState Decoder

  JSON and SOAP Object Tree
HTTP Analyzer can deserialize SOAP and JSON traffic into the easy-to-use object trees.
JSON Object Tree SOAP Object Tree

Webpage level time chart and the Summary of the timings

A new "webpage timing" tab is added to session view, it includes two pages, one is webpage level time chart which expresses the relative time between a single timing segment and other timing segments in the same webpage, the other is webpage timing summary chart which shows the summary of the timings recorded for the selected webpage.
Webpage level timing
Timing Summary

More new columns and the new quick column button

13 new columns are added to session grid. You can use the new quick column button to toggle columns' visibility and reorder columns by dragging items in the dropdown.
New Columns and Quick Column Button

Attach to multiple processes (Stand-alone)
In addition to monitoring system-wide processes or single process, HTTP Analyzer allows user to select more running processes and monitor these particular processes.
Select Multi processes

Improved Text View
Improved Text View with syntax highlighting, text folding, text structure tree view.
improved text view

Support OpenSSL HTTPS (Stand-Alone)
HTTP Analyzer can show you unencrypted data sent over HTTPS / SSL connections as the same level of detail as HTTP. With the new support to OpenSSL API , now HTTPS is available if the application uses the Microsoft WININET API , Mozilla NSS API or OpenSSL API.

Display Start Times as Offsets, UTC/GMT or Local Time
A group of menu items have been added to view menu, which control the display of start time. This feature is particularly useful for locating related events across multiple locations and time zones.

Use Hotkey to Show/Hide Add-on (Add-on Only)
In the Version 4.x, HTTP Analyzer Add-on window can be shown/hidden by using the Hotkey (ALT+SHIFT+F2).

Undock button (Add-on Only)
User can undock the whole HTTP Analyzer Add-on window from Internet Explorer by using the 'Undock/Dock' button in the upper right corner. This feature is particularly useful for dual-monitor or high-resolution display system. The Keyboard shortcut of the command is ALT+SHIFT+F3.

More minor improvements
  • Add a Visual C++ Demo to Automation Interface.
  • Add AverageHTTPSOverhead and TotalHTTPSOverhead to summary panel.
  • Add "Show All Columns" to view menu to show all available grid columns in the session grid..
  • Add "Expand New Page" to view menu to control whether new WebPages are initially expanded or collapsed.
  • The automation interface has been updated to support timing summaries and webpage timing properties.
  • Allow to install Version 4.0 on a system which already has Version 3.x, 2.x or 1.x installed.

New in Version 3.x
About new features in version 3.x please refer to "New in Version 3.x".
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