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New in version 3.x

  Real-time Request Level Time Chart
The colored time chart is used to express the relative time between a single network level timing (i.e. , DNS lookup, TCP connects) and other timing segments in the same request.

  Real-time Page/Process Level Time Chart
The colored bars are used to express the relative timing of requests in the same group ( Webpage for Add-on, Process for Stand-alone) and the different phases of an HTTP request, e.g. blocked, connect, etc. It shows directly and visually how a site is performing, which can help the user to find and diagnose the common problems quickly .

  Real-time Multi-level summaries
The summary panel displays the real-time updated summary information on the HTTP/HTTPS requests in a single webpage, a single monitored process or the whole log.

  Grouping Of Requests By Page/Process
In Add-on Edition, Requests are now grouped by page by default. while in Stand-alone Edition, Requests are grouped by process name by default. Each group can be separately expanded or collapsed. Requests that are grouped can be navigated more easily.

Improved Request Builder

In V3,  User  can use multipart/form-data POST method to upload files (introduced in RFC 1867) and View the response headers and content.

Build-in JSON Viewer

As you can see below, the viewer simply shows a tree structure representation of the JSON format. You can use the "Send to JSON Viewer" command in any editor to directly send selected content to the build-in JSON Viewer.

Star a recorded request
Add or remove a star to a recorded request. Stars allow you to give a request a special status. the user can also use the the dropdown filter button of the new "Starred" column to change the filter criteria (starred or not).

Find/Search Dialog
Use the new "Find" dialog to "globally" locate text in the log of recorded requests. The search attributes can be: URLs, Headers, Content, Cookies, Query strings, Post data, Stream....

Native Log Files, Smaller and More Information
HTTP Analyzer V3 introduced a new log file  format (*.halog),   Compared to the previous XML version, it has a smaller size, and can record more information. In V3, HTTP Log records will been save as this file format by default.

Improved Automation Interface.
  • Summary Information Added to Automation Interface
  • Request Level timings Added to Automation Interface
  • Entry Group (Webpage/process) information Added to Automation Interface
  • Add two events to automation library HTTPAnalyzer class.  One is OnNewEntry(HTTPAnalyzer.ILogEntry, ref bool) ,Occurs immediately before an new LogEntry adds to log. The other is OnUpdateEntry(HTTPAnalyzer.ILogEntry) , Occurs when update a specific Logentry in the log.

Flexible Appearance Options
A new "View" menu item has been added to the toolbar and main menu.  It contains many appearance options for the session grid View.

Collect HTTP Log from Customers and Users
HTTP Analyzer V3 relaxed the limitation of trial version. After it expired, trial version user still can record http log files and send log files to a licensed user to illustrate a problem without having to purchase extra licenses.

More minor improvements
  • Add a "Offset" column that displays an offset in seconds from the first entry in the current group (web page or process).
  • Add a "Web page" column that displays the web page title of the current request.
  • Add a "Send to JSON Viewer..." command to popup menu of the content editor to send selected content to JSON viewer to parse the JSON content as a tree structure.
  • Add a "Font..." command to popup menu of content editor to change the display font.
  • Re-arrange the command items in the toolbar and main menu.
  • Allow to install Version 3.0 on a system which already has Version 2.x or Version 1.x installed.
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