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IE DOM Inspector Version History

Version (06/07/2006)

  • Changed: Now, After trial expires, the PRODUCT can still enable you to visit ieinspector.com, google.com, yahoo.com for demonstration with no limitation.

  • Fixed: Fixed an UNICODE related bug in HTTPDecode.

Version (02/24/2006)

  • Fixed: Resolve the shortcut conflict with Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed: When open the DOM INSPECTOR inside of yahoo mail, CAN NOT LOGOUT.

  • Fixed: Sometimes, the DOM Tree can be refreshed.

Version (9/25/2005)

  • New: view current style of any web document and highlight all style attributes with non-default values

  • New: enables you to trace various style sheets, such as linked style sheets, embedded style sheets, and imported style sheets and in-line style rules
  • Delete: copy CSS  of element

Version (8/2/2005)

  • New: Support IE7 Beta1

  • New: Automatically make selected Item visible.

  • Fixed: Reset to the top level element after selecting an element that is significantly deep in the tree.

  • Fixed: IE 6  incorrectly renders the BASE tag. In that case all subsequent elements appear as its children in DOM tree, while they're siblings of the same level, actually.

Version (5/16/2005)

  • Fixed: A serious bug in live edit of dom. 

Version (3/28/2005)

  • Fixed: IE crashes when click on the link in the About dialog.

  • Improved: The selected-item 's full name path text box at the top stretch to fill the window.


  • New: Add a new IE context menu item "Display Toolbar and Menubar".  Some web browser window will be shown without toolbar and menubar. In this case , how to open the DOM Inspector? First , click the "Display Toolbar and Menubar" , second, click the DOM inspector button.

  • New: Add XML Data Islands folder, Show the contents of dynamically updated xml data islands

  • Fixed: Images Displaying error in Help file.

  • Fixed: "mailto" Error in the About dialog


  • Improved: Speed up the loading of Image/Flash node.

  • Fixed : A trial license expired error in  non-admin account


  • Changed: HTML view Source default option, from origin source to rendered source

  • New: Images inspector can view Flash File (*.swf)


  • New: Add "View HTML origin source" and "View HTML rendered Source" commands into context menu  in document node's html page.
  • New: Show external CSS File
  • New: Show external JavaScript file.


  • First version released!
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