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Software Assurance

Software Assurance provides you with access to all Upgrades & Updates at no further cost for a period of 1 year. Usually upgrades are sold at a cost of around 45 - 60% of a full purchase, whilst Software Assurance is priced at 20% of a full purchase. This provides you with a discount on the next version of THE PRODUCT should it be released within your software assurance period.

Software Assurance can only be purchased at the time you purchase or upgrade THE PRODUCT. You will be able to renew your software assurance when your current software assurance expires.

Priority Support

  • support reply time is guaranteed to be less than 48 hours, should usually be less than 24 hours

  • your emails will automatically be highlighted by the email system and answered with highest priority

  • guaranteed reply time does not apply to weekends and company vacation (max 4 weeks a year)

With Software Assurance

With Software Assurance you may download & use every minor update and any new Major Version made available within your Software Assurance Period, for example if you purchased 5.x, you can upgrade free of charge to 5.0.1, 5.1.1, 5.5 etc

In the above example, if version 6 is released within your Software Assurance Period then you would receive that upgrade at no extra cost.

 Without Software Assurance

Without Software Assurance you may download and use every minor update made available for the purchased version, for example if you purchased version 5.x, you can upgrade free of charge to 5.0.1, 5.1.1, 5.5 etc.

To upgrade to the next major release (e.g. 6.0) will require the payment of an upgrade fee.

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